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Pay Per Click

5.5x faster entry, is measurable, traceable, segmentable, works with other channels, generates a wealth of useful data & reach business objectives. 

Priced at $4,000/Mo

75% off


Social Media Marketing

64% buy through social networks. Enhance your brand, engage your audience, drive customer service, and impact conversion rates & sales.

Priced at $10,000/Mo

90% off

Web Design

Sales Page

Get a beautiful site that attracts customers. Results-oriented website design to represent your brand, services, produtcs and your goals. 

Priced at $7,999/Mo

87.5% off



Boost sales on autopilot with chat bots. 91% conversion rate, available 24/7, reduces operating costs, increases  sales & better experiences.

Priced at $5,000/Mo

80% off


We planned, developed and implemented the whole Ararajuba Marketplace website and digital marketing strategies.

We planned, developed and implemented the whole Swing22 social media website and digital marketing strategies.


¨Blending performance with exceptional customer service, Lokojef  Mídias PPC specialists are some of the best in the industry with a track record for growing successful businesses. They elevated our website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to maximize our Return on Investment (ROI). By incorporating scalable PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and Social Media Marketing strategies, they have enhanced our online visibility and drove targeted traffic to our website, ultimately improving our website's performance and profitability. They can also drive traffic to your ChaBot and reach a 92% conversion rate." 

Irona Maiden - Business Owner

"Lokojef Mídias elevates your business with a trusted website your customers will love. Lokojef Mídias website designers represented our brand in the best light possible with a sales page that converted visitors into customers. Our website loads extremely fast and looks great on all types of devices connected to the world wide web. They also transformed our website into a results-driven powerhouse with their SEO-focused design. They are specialized in crafting websites that are not only visually appealing but also strategically optimized to deliver tangible outcomes. Enhance your online presence and achieve your goals with they results-oriented website design services."

Michael Josh - Lawyer

"Lokojef Mídias used chatbots which are computer programs that mimic human conversation to facilitate people's interaction with our services connected to the world wide web using natural language. They helped our company to automate tasks like customer support, marketing, and even sales. They unlocked substantial revenue growth in our business by optimizing our sales process. Their SEO strategies are designed to streamline your online presence, attract qualified leads, and convert them into loyal customers. I recommend you to explore how Lokojef Mídias can help you optimize your sales process for sustainable revenue growth."

Amber Sanderson - Business Ower

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✅ Unlimited consulting.

✅ New leads every day.

✅ Convertion & Sales 24/7.

✅ Flexible contract.

✅ Access to the real data.

Very high confidentiality.

But nothing is perfect.

❌ No extra fees.

No pesky contracts.

No nasty surprises.

❌ No boring meetings.

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Jeff Ric Marketing Manager

"I've seen and worked with agencies that charge a lot of money for their complicated marketing strategies that never deliver the promised results. I decided to create my own digital marketing strategy for quick results, high profitability and stress free. That's all we need."

Jeff Ric

Your Marketing Manager on  LinkedIn


What is Lokojef Mídias?

It is a Marketing and Information Technology agency specialized in 360 digital marketing strategy and online process automation for P.M.E. with high conversion, high return on investment, higher sales profitability and time savings as key objectives.

What is the minimum contract period?

After the trial period, you will sign a three to six month contract on one of the monthly plans. Once the minimum term of three months has expired, your contract will automatically renew monthly with no strings attached and can be canceled at any time.

Are there any extra or hidden fees?

No. There are no hidden fees or surprises when it comes to cost. The extra fee is only charged when you request an extra service or expansion of a current service in your monthly plan.

What about the results?

We recommend a minimum of three months to be able to analyze the results and make improvements in your  campaigns. During this time we will be making the necessary adjustiment on paid ads, social media profiles, sales page and chatbot.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes. We offer you a 90 day money back guarantee. Please be aware that we do not refund ad costs, domain registration, payment transaction fees and taxes charged to provide the service.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time by just giving us 30 days' notice.

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